We're still stretching our legs after our recent birth as a company, yet it's never too soon to start thinking about developing a professional corporate logo. We considered hiring a professional, experienced graphic design firm to do the work for us, but then we had a better idea: With Pittsburgh's many colleges and universities, our city is a hotbed of creative talent, so why not let local students design our logo?

As college students ourselves, we never take for granted the opportunity we have to get to "show our stuff" in such a professional arena, and we want to give that opportunity to as many other students in Pittsburgh as well. That's why we're planning on hosting the Pulse Motors Logo Design Contest! We plan on opening up the contest around the beginning of September to any college or university student in Pittsburgh. We're looking for a sleek, impressive company logo that encompasses the beauty and sophistication of our vehicles as well as the overall principles of green innovation and sustainability that we try to live by as a company.

If you or someone you know enjoys graphic design, keep checking back to see when we open the contest and maybe you could be the designer of the next great American automotive company (not to mention winning some pretty cool prizes)!

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