We are incredibly proud to announce that Pulse Motors Co-Founder and CEO Micah Toll is a finalist for Entrepreneur Magazine's contest to name the "College Entrepreneur of the Year". Micah was named one of five finalist out of thousands of entries. This prestigious title is right in line with the hard work and determination it has taken Micah and the rest of the Pulse team to make the dream of bringing sustainable, environmentally responsible transportation to Pittsburgh. The national exposure that this amazing opportunity would provide for Pulse is simply invaluable. The decision to name the 2011 College Entrepreneur of the Year now comes down to you! We hope that you can help Micah and the whole Pulse Motors team achieve this great opportunity for national exposure by voting for Micah for College Entrepreneur of the Year here! And if you believe strongly in what Pulse is trying to accomplish, then please help us get the word out by spreading this link around your social networking sites such as facebook or twitter, thanks!  http://www.entrepreneur.com/e2011/vote/college/#457

8/27/2011 03:36:16 am

Just read your article in Valley News Dispatch..then voted for you. I wish you would have indicated a potential price for those who don't want to lease. As a senior citizen who needs this for getting to the grocery store or who may tire when riding trails..why are you not targeting this group? Is your product designed for this?

8/27/2011 04:54:05 am


Thank you so much for your support in voting for me for Entrepreneur Magazine's "College Entrepreneur of 2011" contest.

You're absolutely right, this would be a great vehicle for almost any environmentally conscious Pittsburgher to commute with. Since we are so new and still looking for funding, we have only been able to build a limited number of vehicles for beta testing. Our goal after releasing these vehicles is to lease the ones we have while raising funding to build additional vehicles for sale.

We plan on growing quickly, so I hope you keep checking back with us. Your new PEV0 could be closer than you think!


4/29/2013 05:50:54 pm

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6/24/2013 06:25:40 pm

"College Entrepreneur of the Year" awards are a great inspiration for the students to top up every year and achieve this. Micah Toll is lucky and hardworking enough to achieve this award and bet the winner this year. I would love to congratulate him on his achievement.

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