There comes a time in every young startup's life when it realizes that it can't do everything by itself. At a certain point, that young startup needs to work with people possessing skills and experience in the areas it requires. When it comes to making professional quality videos, Pulse Motors found those skills in two local high school students from the Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School. The two talented students, Adam MacDonald and Nick Blom, put together an awesome (yes we're a bit biased, but it really is awesome) video about Pulse and our 2012 PEV0s. They entered their 5 minute mini-documentary in the Take a Shot at Changing the World film contest but they need your online vote to win the prize at the Take a Shot at Changing the World Film Festival on May 20th.

We are asking everyone to please take a couple minutes to support these two hard-working students and vote for their video. You can see their video HERE but please remember to also vote for them after watching the video by going HERE and clicking the box next to "Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 - Pulse Motors" which is about halfway down the page. It's the first of the Pittsburgh CAPA entries. The voting period only goes for one more week, ending on May 15th, so chop chop people!

A big thank you to Adam and Nick for making such a cool video. Let's try to get them all the votes they need to win!

One more time here are the links:
VOTING LINK (don't forget to actually vote!) and click "Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 - Pulse Motors"
8/17/2013 06:40:42 pm

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