They grow up so fast these days, don't they? The very first PEV0 to roll off our modest assembly line drove her 1,000th mile today and we couldn't be prouder. Not to be outdone, PEV0s #2 and #3 are nearing that 1,000 mile mark and the rest are closing the gap. These PEV0s have been out there everyday for months, rain or shine (or snow), driving all over Pittsburgh and helping the Pulse team of engineers gain valuable engineering data and insight into what works well and where we can find even more room for improvement. Our beta testers have replaced cars, buses and other unsustainable forms of transportation with our fleet of PEV0s and their responses have been incredible. As we begin our R&D cycle to design our next generation vehicle for mass production, the PEV0 beta testing data lights our path. New features are being designed into the next generation vehicle to make them even more commuter-friendly while still retaining the great range and hill-climbing ability of the original first generation PEV0s.

We set out on this journey to build the best two-wheeled electric commuting vehicle out there, totally revolutionizing the way urban residents travel around their cities. The PEV0s are the first step along that road, and we are excited to show you soon what's coming next!
Well it's been a little while since our last update, but rest assured that the team here at Pulse has been hard at work producing PEV0s as fast as we can. Pittsburgh's streets have been full of PEV0s being beta tested by locals since October and the responses have been outstanding. Beta testers have reported arriving at their destinations quicker, navigating the city easier, receiving thumbs-up on the road plus saving a fortune in gas money! Oh yea, and they're actually enjoying their commutes.

Today we were fortunate enough to be featured on the front page of the Business section of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Check it out here.

The article does a fantastic job of covering our progress and updates so far, including mentioning that we're looking for investment to fund research and development of our next generation vehicle, which we are designing for mass production. Take a second and read the article to learn more about what Pulse has been up to, and if you know anybody that woke up this morning with a hankering for an electric vehicle startup to get in on the ground floor with, perhaps show them the article too.

Keep checking back with us for more updates, and to throw your name in the hat for a chance to become a beta tester, fill out an application today!

Our first line of 2012 PEV0's are so close that we can almost smell them! Our engineering team is working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the vehicles to get them ready for our initial public debut. Body panels are forming, aluminum chips are flying and the paint is drying, all just in time to provide one of the most innovative and convenient forms of personal urban transportation to the masses (you)!

When our PEV0's roll out later this month we are going to need as much help as we can from people like you to test the new vehicles and tell us what works great and what could be improved. Sound like you could be up to the job? We thought so! Just head on over to our beta tester application web page and fill it out for a chance to be one of the first ever PEV0 beta testers. This is a moment in history and a big step in the timeline of electric vehicles as one of the first convenient, AFFORDABLE personal electric vehicles makes its way to the public for some real world driving. Shouldn't you be a part of this history? Help us, and join the green revolution!

First Post!


Hello world! Pulse Motors is now live with our very own website! What better way to tell the world, or at least Pittsburgh, about our bold new dream of making electric vehicle ownership convenient and affordable for the masses!

It is our goal to provide affordable, quality two-wheeled electric vehicles to the Pittsburgh community in a hassle-free way. We think we've hit the new nail on the head with our new electric vehicle program, but just to be sure we are running a beta-testing period to iron out the kinks. That means we are looking for responsible, excited beta testers in the Pittsburgh area to help us by taking one of our new electric vehicles, the PEV0, out for a few days or weeks and giving us some much appreciated feedback and what you liked or what could be improved. Interested in helping us? We thought that might be up your alley. Just fill out our beta-tester application and you'll be in line to be considered for one of our coveted beta-tester spots. We look forward to hearing more about what you think of our new startup. Leave us a few words in the comment section below, or feel free to email us at Contact[at]