They grow up so fast these days, don't they? The very first PEV0 to roll off our modest assembly line drove her 1,000th mile today and we couldn't be prouder. Not to be outdone, PEV0s #2 and #3 are nearing that 1,000 mile mark and the rest are closing the gap. These PEV0s have been out there everyday for months, rain or shine (or snow), driving all over Pittsburgh and helping the Pulse team of engineers gain valuable engineering data and insight into what works well and where we can find even more room for improvement. Our beta testers have replaced cars, buses and other unsustainable forms of transportation with our fleet of PEV0s and their responses have been incredible. As we begin our R&D cycle to design our next generation vehicle for mass production, the PEV0 beta testing data lights our path. New features are being designed into the next generation vehicle to make them even more commuter-friendly while still retaining the great range and hill-climbing ability of the original first generation PEV0s.

We set out on this journey to build the best two-wheeled electric commuting vehicle out there, totally revolutionizing the way urban residents travel around their cities. The PEV0s are the first step along that road, and we are excited to show you soon what's coming next!