Our first line of 2012 PEV0's are so close that we can almost smell them! Our engineering team is working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the vehicles to get them ready for our initial public debut. Body panels are forming, aluminum chips are flying and the paint is drying, all just in time to provide one of the most innovative and convenient forms of personal urban transportation to the masses (you)!

When our PEV0's roll out later this month we are going to need as much help as we can from people like you to test the new vehicles and tell us what works great and what could be improved. Sound like you could be up to the job? We thought so! Just head on over to our beta tester application web page and fill it out for a chance to be one of the first ever PEV0 beta testers. This is a moment in history and a big step in the timeline of electric vehicles as one of the first convenient, AFFORDABLE personal electric vehicles makes its way to the public for some real world driving. Shouldn't you be a part of this history? Help us, and join the green revolution!